Wednesday, December 12, 2012

GIFT CARD HOLDER                                                                         

Here is a cute money/gift card holder so easy to make.... here are the directions for it... These would make
great cards to put a thank you note in too  (cut it to the size of a business card) like for your mailman, your hair dresser, or anyone else that deserves a thank you from you at Christmas time.  We decided to give them to the waiters and waitresses at our favorite restaurant. 

you need: 
1 piece of card stock (your choice of color)  4 1/4 inch by 10 inches
and you need to score this piece at 3, 4, 5, and 8 inches.

Colored  pattern paper:  4 each  of 2 3/4 inches by 4 inches
                                      2 each of 1 3/4 inches by 4 inches

                                     Fold the card stock so it looks like this:

Now flip over this piece of card stock and place a strip of tape on the inside edge of the first fold.

Flip back over and 
then you need to use your scissors or rotary trimmer to just trim off  1/8 inch off the valley fold .  This is where you would place the money or gift card.   When I first started making these I did trim off 1/ 4 inch but that seem to be a bit too much so now I  trim off just enough to be able to open  it  so you can place money or gift card into slot.  

Inside:  Round the corners on the card stock and the pattern paper as shown and glue  the 3 pieces of pattern paper to your gift card holder.

                   Outside:   round the corners on the other 2 pieces of pattern paper and glue all three pieces on
                         the outside of your gift card holder.        

Cut 1 piece of card stock for the band:   1 by 7 inches.
 just wrap it around the holder but don't make it too tight or it won't slide off and on. Add some type of decorative bling to it.

Hope you are able to understand this but if you have questions please ask away.  It is fun, quick, and easy so
have fun making your own.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! These are wonderful!

  2. So glad Raquel posted the link for me. . .this is way to cool. Thanks for the directions. Love it! :)